"N'acceptez ma parole qu'après analyse et non par simple dévotion".
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Tome 1 - Project Blake


Project Blake was established in 2007 with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.
The Project aims to celebrate the life of William Blake and make his work accessible to a wider audience.
Project Blake is a collaboration between Southbank Mosaics, Futures Theatre Company and the Southbank Sinfonia all based at St. John’s Crypt, Waterloo. The aim of Project Blake is to create a lasting legacy celebrating the life of William Blake in the London Borough of Lambeth. This will be achieved through the following activities:
We ave already installed 36 pieces of his work around the streets of North Lambeth and aim to produce about 50 more pieces over the next few years. These will be installed in the area around Hercules Rd. where Blake live from 1790-1800.
Completed works are also exhibited at St. John’s Crypt, Waterloo where they can be viewed by visiting the mosaics studies at St John’s Crypt, 73 Waterloo Rd., London SE1 8UD, Telephone: 020 7620 6070
Futures Theatre Company: www.futurestheatrecompany.co.uk
Southbank Mosaics: www.southbankmosaics.com
Southbank Sinfonia: www.southbanksinfonia.co.uk
Blake Archive: www.blakearchive.org
The Blake Society: www.blakesociety.org.uk

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William Blake,
253th Birtday Anniversary
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Ode to William blake Volume 2
Ode to William Blake Volume 1

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 Old man look at my life,
I'm a lot like you were. (N. Young)


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